Top 3 Electric Shower Problems You Should Know About

There are 3 common electric shower problems that you might face when you equip them for your bathroom. It is easier to make an educated buy, or fix a problem if you first know what to look for! Our findings do not represent all makes and models of electric shower, but we do see these faults the most.

Changes in Temperature of the Water

If your water is coming out cold that probably means that one or more of the elements have burned out or overheated for a time. If your elements overheat as a safety measure it will turn itself off. This is paired with making sure you have equal amounts coming from your heating elements. An electric shower can only heat so much water at a time, so make sure your value is turned so you get a steady stream to avoid hot and cold-water showers.

Why is the Water Coming From This Angle?

Every now and then a hose will get kinked in your shower causing pressure to build up. Then inside the heating element will reject the water and you will see water coming from the bottom of your shower. This is a good thing because that means your pressure release mechanism is working and putting water somewhere, where it can’t make too much of a mess. But can still be super frustrating, good thing each manufacturer has a procedure to easily fix this problem.

There is No Water Coming Out!

Not seeing or hearing any water when you turn your shower on is just as bad as a cold shower. The number one fault with electric showers is their solenoid valve, it can break at any time and that may mean you might be left with only half of your leg shaved. When the valve breaks water is no longer allowed into the shower and there you will stand.

We hope this article helps you choose the right shower for you. No fix is too big to fix, but sometimes getting a nice amount and temperature of the water with an electric shower can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing!